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Investigative Reporter Jason Leopold with the Latest on Guantanamo Hunger Strike and Court Rulings; Activist Cynthia Papermaster is on Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Gitmo and California Prisoners

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Journalist Jason Leopold has updates on Guantanamo hunger strikes, judges rulings on force feeding and searches, and the investigation of the death of Adnan Latif of Yemen.  Activist Cynthia Papermaster of Code Pink has completed 27 days on hunger strike for justice for Guantanamo inmates.Leopold, who is now reporting for al Jazeera as a freelancer, talks first about the hunger strike of 30,000 prisoners here in California.  As we are speaking, he reports that federal judge Royce Lamberth has ruled against the commander at Guantanamo on the recent addition of genital searches for prisoners.  A few days ago, Judge Gladys Kessler pointed a finger at PResident Obama, saying that he is the only one who can end the force feeding of prisoners.

As Leopold relates, the strip searches and the hunger strike are direct results of the death of inmate Adnan Latif last September 9 at Gitmo, a reported suicide.  The report from the investigation was just released, and Leopold says it reveals many problems at the island prison.

Asked about a report in the Israeli paper, Haaretz, Leoplold said it’s not true that Israeli doctors have been invited to consult on force feeding at Guantanamo.

You can read Leopold’s detailed reports on Adnan Latif here.  His most recent story on the Latif investigation, including a copy of the redacted report, is here.

At 39 minutes in, we talk with Berkeley activist Cynthia Papermaster about her 27-day hunger strike, and the political message it is intended to send.  She is a member of Code Pink, the Justice Party, and is a longtime activist for peace and justice.  Along with other hunger strikers around the country, she is blogging here.  Papermaster urges you to call the White House at 202-456-1111 and tell Obama to end the hunger strike by releasing cleared prisoners.  Papermaster also supports the 30,000 hunger striking prisoners in California.