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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Go Light on Manning Trial, Heavy on Zimmerman Trial

Yesterday, the defense rested in both Manning court-martial and Zimmerman murder trial; which is more important to you?Zimmerman gets wall-to-wall coverage, Manning–not so much!

–Greenwald serves up new revelations: how Microsoft works with the NSA to deliver your private communications

–Google, Facebook and phone companies get paid–sometimes a lot–to place wiretaps and other surveillance

–NSA chief Gen. Alexander will speak at one hackers’ conference, but was uninvited to another

–Ohio man tries FOIA request for his NSA records, is denied

–Jason Leopold comments on two important court opinions about Guantanamo this week

–House passes Farm Bill without food stamp extension

–Sens. Warren (D-MA) and McCain (R-Sunday talk shows) introduce bill to re-enact key parts of Glass-Steagall

–Sen. Reid timidly approaches filibuster changes that don’t go far enough

–Senate bungles student loan bill, uses complicated formula to raise interest rates

–Big campaign contributors get choice ambassador jobs….it looks like bribery, and Don Siegelman remains in jail, falsely convicted of bribery