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PBC News & Comment: NSA Wiretapping Top Elected Officials, Victims Now Have “Standing” to Sue

NSA whistleblower Russ Tice expands his disclosure that Sen. Feinstein, other top officials were wiretapped by NSA; does she know?We’re demanding an answer to a critical question:  as chair of Senate Intelligence, has NSA told Sen. Feinstein that she has been a target of NSA surveillance?  The answer and follow-up questions could reveal much, and break the hold NSA appears to have on our top officials.

–Greenwald says Snowden has critical “blueprint” of NSA spying operations

NY Times and Washington Post each run important articles on “legal standing” for wiretap cases, now that we can prove monitoring

–your humble host not surprised by Zimmerman verdict:  the case was overcharged, under-prosecuted

–Bay Area’s KTVU news was snookered, aired false information about the names of flight crew from crash at SFO

–Jason Leopold has a new report on Guantanamo, the failure of the military to honor attorney-client privilege.  He has also filed a motion to require disclosure of recent strip search policies

–some Gitmo hunger strikers are taking food, due to Ramadan and inducements from the management

–Tuesday is the filibuster showdown in the Senate….will Reid hold firm?

–Pentagon appoints female general to patrol sex crimes, but some prosecutions may be tainted by Obama’s comments.  If charges are tossed due to inappropriate “command influence”, then Bradley Manning can pursue a similar claim