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PBC News & Comment: The Filibuster–is it Argument, or Abuse?

Monty Python opens our podcast, as spineless Democrats bluff on filibuster reform to move some Obama nominations, minority rule continues….Click here for GoDaddy special offer, plus extra 10% discount!

–Manning defense team makes strong arguments to dismiss charges of  “aiding the enemy”

–Pentagon’s 50-year-ban on using taxpayer dollars to fund propaganda in the “homeland” is quietly retired: lyin’ and spyin’ are the new normal

–Obama’s leadership style compared to Eisenhower’s “hidden hand”–is it a smart approach, or lack of leadership?

–Steve Horn exposes many “hidden hands” close to Obama poised to profit from approval of Keystone XL pipeline, at DeSmogBlog

–op-ed makes great point:  America’s massive surveillance at home and abroad is bad for business

–Snowden finally files asylum request in Russia

–anti-government rebels in Syria are now fighting each other, just another reason for the US to stay out

–US envoy in Egypt tries to mediate talks between the generals and the Morsi factions–when will we learn how the “hidden hand” of the US gave approval to the generals for their non-coup coup

–European Union sets strict limits on interaction with Israel’s occupied lands

–California Gov. Brown keeps fighting federal judges over the prison system, gets support from past governors

–Twinkies are back, but the bakeries are non-union