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PBC News & Comment: Appeals Court Reinstates NDAA Detention Law

Split decision by appeals court reinstates draconian, unconstitutional NDAA detention law--Americans can be held without charge or trial....Click here for GoDaddy deals that benefit the PBC podcast.

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--in excerpt from Kevin Gozstola's full report on the Manning court martial, he talks about a prosecution witness who challenged Manning's loyalty

--Obama and Putin were planning a Moscow meeting, but White House is threatening to cancel over Snowden and its hypocritical protest of Russia's conviction of Navalny

--Ex-CIA chief in Milan, Bob Lady, is returning to US from Panama, with no indication that US will honor warrant from Italy

--Jimmy Carter slams NSA spying on Americans

--Ashton Carter (no relation) is #2 at Pentagon, in charge of our undeclared cyber wars

--New Jersey Supreme Court rules that warrant is required for phone tracking

--NY Times reporter James Risen loses appeal, ordered to testify against source who was CIA agent

--Senate confirms Gina McCarthy to run EPA

--Michigan court blocks Detroit bankruptcy filing, because the state's emergency manager law is unconstitutional

--photographer for Mass state police is suspended for releasing Tsarnaev pics in response to Rolling Stone cover

--Obama talks about Trayvon Martin case, seems more willing to identify as a black man