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PBC News & Comment: Appeals Court Reinstates NDAA Detention Law

Split decision by appeals court reinstates draconian, unconstitutional NDAA detention law–Americans can be held without charge or trial….Click here for GoDaddy deals that benefit the PBC podcast.

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–in excerpt from Kevin Gozstola’s full report on the Manning court martial, he talks about a prosecution witness who challenged Manning’s loyalty

–Obama and Putin were planning a Moscow meeting, but White House is threatening to cancel over Snowden and its hypocritical protest of Russia’s conviction of Navalny

–Ex-CIA chief in Milan, Bob Lady, is returning to US from Panama, with no indication that US will honor warrant from Italy

–Jimmy Carter slams NSA spying on Americans

–Ashton Carter (no relation) is #2 at Pentagon, in charge of our undeclared cyber wars

–New Jersey Supreme Court rules that warrant is required for phone tracking

NY Times reporter James Risen loses appeal, ordered to testify against source who was CIA agent

–Senate confirms Gina McCarthy to run EPA

–Michigan court blocks Detroit bankruptcy filing, because the state’s emergency manager law is unconstitutional

–photographer for Mass state police is suspended for releasing Tsarnaev pics in response to Rolling Stone cover

–Obama talks about Trayvon Martin case, seems more willing to identify as a black man