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PBC News & Comment: “Rolling Stone” Cover Photo Triggers Censorship Efforts

Dr. Hook opens this podcast, as hysterical response to Tsarnaev photo on Rolling Stone cover leads to calls for suppression…..Click here for GoDaddy special offer that supports the PBC podcast.

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Boston’s mayor and Massachusets’ governor urge retailers to refuse to display Rolling Stone because they think the picture of Tsarnaev is too flattering.  But the article doesn’t raise any of the serious questions about the investigation into the Boston bombing, and actually embellishes the government’s depiction of the suspect as a “monster”.

–federal appeals court reinstates genital searches of Guantanamo prisoners

–military judge denies motions by Manning’s lawyer to dismiss “aiding the enemy” charges

–Homeland Security warns employees not to read NSA leaks on government computers

–AT &T gives empty reassurance to your humble host about “privacy” of phone calls and emails

–German user of Facebook jokes with friends about hiking around nearby NSA facility, gets wake-up call from local police who were tipped by American spies.  Big Brother is watching, closely!

–former CIA station chief in Milan is detained in Panama on warrant from Italy in case of CIA kidnapping of Egyptian in bungled (not)covert operation

–Senate confirms Tom Perez as new Labor Secretary, as Obama floats the name of NY top cop Ray Kelly to run Homeland Security

–Rick Perry signs ugly anti-abortion laws in Texas

–Detroit files for bankruptcy–perhaps it was inevitable, but Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder used an undemocratic process