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PBC News & Comment: Tea Party Republican Fights NSA Phone Records Dragnet

Since most Democrats won’t oppose Obama on surveillance, progressives need limited alliance with (gulp!) Tea Party Republicans in House…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

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Technical note:  our recording software inserted glitches in this podcast, recurring digital skips.  We regret your annoyance.

–Obama, NSA and allies on the Hill oppose Amash-Conyers amendment to end NSA collection of phone records

–Obama gives speech in Illinois about the economy

–Sen. Feinstein pushes to release declassified summary of report that says torture was wrong and didn’t work in extracting useful information

–federal judge who was appointed by Bush II and presently serves on the FISA court whacks Obama’s lawyer on drone killings of Americans

NY Times op-ed slams “media bosses” who collude with the goverment to damage democracy, but it’s not about the US

–offshore gas well erputs, 55 miles off Louisiana coast

–crippled Fukushima nuke plant is leaking radioactive water into the Pacific

–former NASA leader Jim Hansen argues for nuclear power to fight climate change, PBC not persuaded

–CIA is spending (only) $650,000 on weather modification project–is this the tip of the chemtrails iceberg?

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog tips us off to the Moral Monday protests in North Carolina, fighting back on anti-abortion and voter suppression laws