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PBC News & Comment: House Vote on NSA Phone Records Ban Fails

ObamaCo colluded with GOP and pulled out all stops to defeat Amash amendment to defund NSA phone record dragnet--progress!Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

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We analyzed the House vote on the Amash amendment, which lost by 12 votes--and discovered there were 12 who didn't vote

--Glenn Greenwald describes the shifting and shifty alliances in Washington on surveillance issues, as Tea Party Republicans align with many progressive Democrats

--Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) passes an amendment that allows victims of sexual assault who were drummed out of the military on phony mental health issues to correct their military record

--prosecution begins its closing arguments in Manning Court martial with emotional, false depictions of Manning and his motives

--attorney Bruce Afran, co-counsel with Carl Mayer in the legal challenge to NDAA 2012 detention law, comments on last week's setback at the federal Appeals Court and plans to appeal

--Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog reports that Gen. Petraues is now a college instructor, and plans to "shalewash" his students about the Keystone pipeline