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PBC News & Comment: House Vote on NSA Phone Records Ban Fails

ObamaCo colluded with GOP and pulled out all stops to defeat Amash amendment to defund NSA phone record dragnet–progress!Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

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We analyzed the House vote on the Amash amendment, which lost by 12 votes–and discovered there were 12 who didn’t vote

–Glenn Greenwald describes the shifting and shifty alliances in Washington on surveillance issues, as Tea Party Republicans align with many progressive Democrats

–Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) passes an amendment that allows victims of sexual assault who were drummed out of the military on phony mental health issues to correct their military record

–prosecution begins its closing arguments in Manning Court martial with emotional, false depictions of Manning and his motives

–attorney Bruce Afran, co-counsel with Carl Mayer in the legal challenge to NDAA 2012 detention law, comments on last week’s setback at the federal Appeals Court and plans to appeal

–Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog reports that Gen. Petraues is now a college instructor, and plans to “shalewash” his students about the Keystone pipeline