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PBC News & Comment: Key Senators Turn Against NSA Surveillance

Senators of both parties challenge NSA on lies about phone records collection, as Greenwald reveals "X-Keyscore", massive data dragnet...Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

--in op-ed, Sen. Feinstein spins up NSA talking points that are contradicted by latest Snowden leak,  embraces ideas she demagogued 7 months ago

--Greenwald's detailed article about XKeyscore is a must read

--federal appeals court rules that warrant not required for cops to demand location info from cell phone carriers, in part because the use of cellphones is "entirely voluntary"

--we express gratitude to Bradley Manning, and recap his key disclosures

--in San Diego, DEA pays $4 million to man who was locked in a cell and forgotten for 4 days with no food, water, bathroom

--Jay Leno joins the call for California Gov. Brown to get involved in ending prison hunger strike

--Oakland approves federally-funded total surveillance program