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PBC News & Comment: Manning “Not Guilty” of Most Serious Charge!

While the judge found Manning guilty of most charges,  “not guilty” ruling on “aiding the enemy” is big defense victory…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

–new whistleblower on CIA’s bungled Milan kidnap caper, Sabrina DeSousa, spills to Jonathan Landay here

–watch out!  Obama is negotiating with himself again, this time on corporate taxes

–Senate rubber-stamps Jim Comey as new FBI director, 93-1

–fast food workers strike for higher wages and union protection in 6 cities

–North Carolina governor signs laws to suppress voting and limit abortion access as protests mount

–Kerry opens talks about talks with Israel, Palestine

–violence continues in Egypt and Iraq

–Limbaugh and Hannity radio shows are being dropped by Cumulus stations in 40 markets, your humble host does not gloat