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PBC News & Comment: PBS Airs Some of NSA Disclosures from Russ Tice, First Heard Here

After 10 days on ice, Tice interview airs on PBS: “total collection” and “spying on top officials” yield intriguing denials….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

Opening with excerpts from NSA denials delivered on PBS by former IG Joel Brenner, PBC decodes the doublespeak and weasel words and the interesting way that Brenner offered a denial on a matter that had not been raised: that NSA is not collecting dossiers on elected officials as J. Edgar Hoover did.

–in this excerpt from our in-depth interview about the court martial, Kevin Gozstola of FireDogLake describes the sneaky testimony that suggests that Manning’s leaks caused actual harm

–an email from listener Hamish in Australia dings PBC for not mentioning to Col Davis that the laws of war require Manning to report crimes

–new Secretary of State John Kerry says the generals in Egypt squeezed Morsi out to “restore democracy”  !!

–Samantha Power is easily confirmed by Senate as UN ambassador

–GOP Senators lift their blockade, allow B. Todd Jones to be confirmed to run ATF

–Speaker Boehner says he loves to repeal laws, and Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) proposes to repeal Patriot Act and FISA 2008 law

SF Chronicle columnist calls Oakland’s total surveillance plan “an angel on my shoulder”