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Reporter Kevin Gozstola Recaps the Verdict and Start of Sentencing Phase in Bradley Manning Court Martial; Will Durst Brags About Californians

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Kevin Gozstola of FireDoglake returns with a detailed report on the verdicts against Bradley Manning and the start of the sentencing testimony in the court martial at Fort Meade, Maryland.  Satirist Will Durst squawks about how great Californians are.Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

We open with a quick look at the removal of courtroom artist Clark Stoeckly last week, then talk about the verdicts that were announced on July 30 after the judge deliberated for 16 hours.  Manning was found not guilty on the most serious charge, aiding the enemy, and found guilty on 20 counts, including 5 under the Espionage Act.  Gozstola explains that on some counts where Manning had plead guilty to a lesser charge, the judge accepted it in some cases.

The sentencing phase started on July 31, and Gozstola explains how the first witness, retired Gen. Carr, tried to blame Manning for the death of an Afghan but was forced to admit that the dead man’s name was not released by WikiLeaks.  Gozstola recounts some other testimony, especially from State Dept. officials, using emotion to suggest negative impacts of the leaks, without any real evidence of harm.

Gozstola thinks the penalty phase will continue through most of August, and agreed to update us again the week of August 19.

Along about 1:02:40, Will Durst extolls the charms of Californians, including our great humility.