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PBC News & Comment: It’s Another “Moral Monday” in North Carolina

Wake Forest Professor Stephen Boyd details NC’s radical right legislation to sharply limit voting, reproductive rights and growing activist response…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–US worldwide terrorist alert reportedly based on intercepts of al Qaeda communications….are they that stupid? And does ObamaCo think we are that stupid?

–media whiplash:  NYTimes reports complaints from agencies like DEA, that NSA won’t share surveillance info; a day later, Reuters investigation shows not only that DEA gets NSA info, but that they lie in court about it

NY Times Company sells Boston Globe for stunning billion dollar loss, as Graham family cashes out of Washington Post in $250 million deal with Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos

–CNN reports that CIA employees who were working in Benghazi are getting frequent polygraph tests, as World Nut Daily supports Pepe Escobar’s report that CIA was running Libyan guns to Syria

–Bradley Manning’s mother speaks, as 15,000 have volunteered to serve jail time for Manning and Peter van Buren posts this excellent commentary on the Manning case

–Steve Horn scoop: he gets leaked EPA powerpoint that proves coverup of findings of water contamination from fracking in PA

–newly revealed PA court order gags family–including kids aged 7 and 10–from ever talking about fracking or the Marcellus Shale

–CBS-owned KDKA, Pittsburgh, airs pro-fracking show called “the Marcellus Shale Festival” with no apparent voices of opposition

–Supreme Court smacks Gov. Moonbeam, again, tells Jerry Brown he must reduce prison population

–California prison hunger strikes being subjected to nasty retaliation

–email from Mr. Andy, ex-Jersey boy, about Rush Holt and the Senate race;  PBC offered rare praise for Holt for authoring bills to repeal Patriot Act and FISA 2008 law

–obit for Oak Ridge nuclear whistleblower Charles Varnadore