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PBC News & Comment: Exposing Ridiculous Government Claims of Secrecy

Note: PBC on vacation till 8/19.  Fearing al Qaeda attack on Gitmo, Pentagon says genital search memo must remain secret….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–Jason Leopold’s remarkable report for al Jazeera exposes 2 versions with different redactions of the same Gitmo document, and the stupid, arbitrary standards used to black out info

–US reveals that worldwide terror alert was triggered by intercept of communication between al Zawahiri and the al Qaeda leader in Yemen

–London’s Telegraph gives more credibility to reports that CIA station in Benghazi was running Libyan weapons to Syria

–good news for Bradley Manning, fast-talking judge rules that similar counts can be merged, reduces max sentence from 136 to 90 years

–court martial of Col. Hasan, the admitted Fort Hood shooter, gets underway

–Glenn Greenwald dismantles the Obama claim that NSA surveillance gets proper oversight from Congress

–federal judge extends injunction blocking Wisconsin’s new abortion restriction law

–“Justice” Dept. said to be investigating improper evidence sharing between NSA and DEA

–CNN and NBC plans for Hillary bioflicks draw threats from GOP leader, as PBC reminds us that Citizens United case was originally about a movie that slammed Mrs. Clinton

–as your humble host prepares to submit to the airport grope as he leaves for vacation, we learn about TSA mission creep–they don’t just do airport security theater