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PBC News & Comment: Exposing Ridiculous Government Claims of Secrecy

Note: PBC on vacation till 8/19.  Fearing al Qaeda attack on Gitmo, Pentagon says genital search memo must remain secret....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

--Jason Leopold's remarkable report for al Jazeera exposes 2 versions with different redactions of the same Gitmo document, and the stupid, arbitrary standards used to black out info

--US reveals that worldwide terror alert was triggered by intercept of communication between al Zawahiri and the al Qaeda leader in Yemen

--London's Telegraph gives more credibility to reports that CIA station in Benghazi was running Libyan weapons to Syria

--good news for Bradley Manning, fast-talking judge rules that similar counts can be merged, reduces max sentence from 136 to 90 years

--court martial of Col. Hasan, the admitted Fort Hood shooter, gets underway

--Glenn Greenwald dismantles the Obama claim that NSA surveillance gets proper oversight from Congress

--federal judge extends injunction blocking Wisconsin's new abortion restriction law

--"Justice" Dept. said to be investigating improper evidence sharing between NSA and DEA

--CNN and NBC plans for Hillary bioflicks draw threats from GOP leader, as PBC reminds us that Citizens United case was originally about a movie that slammed Mrs. Clinton

--as your humble host prepares to submit to the airport grope as he leaves for vacation, we learn about TSA mission creep--they don't just do airport security theater