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PBC News & Comment: White House Denies It Asked British to Detain Greenwald’s Partner

In carefully crafted non-denial, White House admits it got "heads up" that Brits could interrogate David Miranda; Greenwald is not intimidated....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

More outrageous bullying from US allies yielding to pressure from ObamaCo.  Read Greenwald's comments here.

--more than 1,000 killed in brutal crackdown by Egypt's military;  US has no good options, but must cut aid to Egypt and stop allowing Israel to control our foreign policy; court orders Mubarek released

--Steve Pizzo at News For Real counsels "benign neglect" for Egypt

--Obama named perjurer and top spook James Clapper to lead investigation of NSA, then backpedaled

--NSA admits thousands of violations, FISA Court chief judge says he has no way to verify assertions of NSA

--report that FBI (and probably NSA and others) can remotely activate the microphones and cameras in your laptop

--Lavabit founder shuts down rather than comply with NSA demands, now government says he can't shut down

--PBC comments on Bradley Manning's apology, and the length of his sentence which could be announced any day

--AG Eric Holder promises major changes to drug prosecutions, and acknowledges the failure of the War on Some Drugs

--former Navy nuclear veteran slams James Hansen and others who promote nuclear power as alternative to coal for electrical generations. Read Andrew Revkin's post here.

--PBC just returned from Hawaii, where he tracked down our Kona coffee connection, Russ Archibald.  We toured his farm and got this exclusive interview with Russ.