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PBC News & Comment: White House Denies It Asked British to Detain Greenwald’s Partner

In carefully crafted non-denial, White House admits it got “heads up” that Brits could interrogate David Miranda; Greenwald is not intimidated….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

More outrageous bullying from US allies yielding to pressure from ObamaCo.  Read Greenwald’s comments here.

–more than 1,000 killed in brutal crackdown by Egypt’s military;  US has no good options, but must cut aid to Egypt and stop allowing Israel to control our foreign policy; court orders Mubarek released

–Steve Pizzo at News For Real counsels “benign neglect” for Egypt

–Obama named perjurer and top spook James Clapper to lead investigation of NSA, then backpedaled

–NSA admits thousands of violations, FISA Court chief judge says he has no way to verify assertions of NSA

–report that FBI (and probably NSA and others) can remotely activate the microphones and cameras in your laptop

–Lavabit founder shuts down rather than comply with NSA demands, now government says he can’t shut down

–PBC comments on Bradley Manning’s apology, and the length of his sentence which could be announced any day

–AG Eric Holder promises major changes to drug prosecutions, and acknowledges the failure of the War on Some Drugs

–former Navy nuclear veteran slams James Hansen and others who promote nuclear power as alternative to coal for electrical generations. Read Andrew Revkin’s post here.

–PBC just returned from Hawaii, where he tracked down our Kona coffee connection, Russ Archibald.  We toured his farm and got this exclusive interview with Russ.