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PBC News & Comment: Miranda’s Heathrow Detention Shows Airports are Lawless Zones

Journalism isn't terrorism, but Greenwald's partner was detained and interrogated about Snowden leaks under terrorism law--prompting transAtlantic outrage.....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

WikiLeaks has dropped large encrypted files in many directions, thought to be Snowden's NSA leaks, as insurance.

--Guardian reveals that, under pressure from Britain's NSA, the GCHQ, it destroyed hard drive and memory of laptop that had Snowden files

--Sibel Edmonds reveals the sordid history of Bruce Fein, who is now attorney for Snowden's father, as Ed Snowden repudiates any connection to Fein

--David Sirota asks, politely but firmly:  have Obama's inaccurate comments about NSA been lies, or merely mistakes?

--al Jazeera America launches today, promising "straight news"--will they properly call lies by Clapper and Obama "lies"?

--CNN plans to revive Crossfire with Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter, neither of whom has much credibility

--Howard Dean is not denying speculation that he is scoping a run for president in 2016

--Rep. Chris van Hollen, part of the House Dem leadership, files suit to force IRS to enforce laws about nonprofit status for political groups

--declassifying documents up to 1992, US government confirms existence of Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada, and that it was used to develop and test U2 spy planes;  PBC deduces that it was also used to test and develop the current generation of drones

--3 fresh outrages in California:

--federal judge approves force feeding of hunger striking prisoners

--contractors for defective construction of new Bay Bridge span to be paid almost $40 million in bonuses

--San Francisco fire chief backpedals on her ban of helmet cameras after video showed that a survivor of July 6 airline crash at SFO was run over by fire truck and killed