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PBC News & Comment: Miranda’s Heathrow Detention Shows Airports are Lawless Zones

Journalism isn’t terrorism, but Greenwald’s partner was detained and interrogated about Snowden leaks under terrorism law–prompting transAtlantic outrage…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

WikiLeaks has dropped large encrypted files in many directions, thought to be Snowden’s NSA leaks, as insurance.

Guardian reveals that, under pressure from Britain’s NSA, the GCHQ, it destroyed hard drive and memory of laptop that had Snowden files

–Sibel Edmonds reveals the sordid history of Bruce Fein, who is now attorney for Snowden’s father, as Ed Snowden repudiates any connection to Fein

–David Sirota asks, politely but firmly:  have Obama’s inaccurate comments about NSA been lies, or merely mistakes?

al Jazeera America launches today, promising “straight news”–will they properly call lies by Clapper and Obama “lies”?

–CNN plans to revive Crossfire with Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter, neither of whom has much credibility

–Howard Dean is not denying speculation that he is scoping a run for president in 2016

–Rep. Chris van Hollen, part of the House Dem leadership, files suit to force IRS to enforce laws about nonprofit status for political groups

–declassifying documents up to 1992, US government confirms existence of Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada, and that it was used to develop and test U2 spy planes;  PBC deduces that it was also used to test and develop the current generation of drones

–3 fresh outrages in California:

–federal judge approves force feeding of hunger striking prisoners

–contractors for defective construction of new Bay Bridge span to be paid almost $40 million in bonuses

–San Francisco fire chief backpedals on her ban of helmet cameras after video showed that a survivor of July 6 airline crash at SFO was run over by fire truck and killed