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PBC News & Comment: Harsh Sentence for Bradley Manning

As the serious crimes he exposed remain unpunished, Manning draws 35-year sentence--intended to deter other whistleblowers,  preserve police state....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

We open with Gozstola's reading of a statement from Manning that puts his actions in context.

--Steve Vittoria, director of Long Distance Revolutionary, relays comments on the Manning case from Mumia Abu Jamal, and alerts us to screenings of the film in San Francisco

--Glenn Greenwald slams governments of UK and US for trying to "send a message" by detaining Greenwald's partner

--at the Beltway's unofficial organ, Dana Milbank in the Washington Post challenges the lie that Snowden and Manning should just have used the "proper channels" to disclose the wrongdoing they found

--FISA court releases ruling that shows NSA collected thousands of American's phone calls and other information

--Wall St. Journal reports that NSA can grab 75% of domestic emails

--Egypt returns to 2010, releasing Mubarek and locking up most leaders of Muslim Brotherhood

--US officially admits that CIA ran the coup that toppled Iran's Mossadeq in 1953

--like the Manning case, Gitmo judge holds secret hearing to review evidence from the Government that cannot be shown to the accused

--radioactive water is leaking from Fukushima nuke plant in large amounts