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PBC News & Comment: Harsh Sentence for Bradley Manning

As the serious crimes he exposed remain unpunished, Manning draws 35-year sentence–intended to deter other whistleblowers,  preserve police state….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

We open with Gozstola’s reading of a statement from Manning that puts his actions in context.

–Steve Vittoria, director of Long Distance Revolutionary, relays comments on the Manning case from Mumia Abu Jamal, and alerts us to screenings of the film in San Francisco

–Glenn Greenwald slams governments of UK and US for trying to “send a message” by detaining Greenwald’s partner

–at the Beltway’s unofficial organ, Dana Milbank in the Washington Post challenges the lie that Snowden and Manning should just have used the “proper channels” to disclose the wrongdoing they found

–FISA court releases ruling that shows NSA collected thousands of American’s phone calls and other information

Wall St. Journal reports that NSA can grab 75% of domestic emails

–Egypt returns to 2010, releasing Mubarek and locking up most leaders of Muslim Brotherhood

–US officially admits that CIA ran the coup that toppled Iran’s Mossadeq in 1953

–like the Manning case, Gitmo judge holds secret hearing to review evidence from the Government that cannot be shown to the accused

–radioactive water is leaking from Fukushima nuke plant in large amounts