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PBC News & Comment: Private Manning Says, “Call Me Chelsea”

Lawyer David Coombs relays the word that Private Manning identifies asĀ  female, and wishes to be known henceforth as Chelsea Manning….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

NY Times editorial calls Manning’s sentence “excessive”

–FISA Court ruling is declassified, shows the court has, on occasion, actually pushed back on the NSA

–former Rep. Dennis Kucinich says capital punishment is the right solution for the NSA–wants to abolish the agency

–CDC estimates show Lyme disease is 10 times more prevalent than thought

–Dept. of Justice files suit against Texas over voting rights changes

–former North Korean prisoner talks about their barbaric prison camps, and PBC recommends the novel The Orphan Master’s Son by John Anderson, which gives a detailed picture of life in North Korea

–Greg Palast exposes Larry Summers for late 90’s actions in this new article

–San Diego’s groping mayor, Bob Filner, is expect to quit tomorrow

–Nevada has been dumping its mental patients in California

–northern California’s rogue utility, PG & E, is exposed again, trying to sneak corrections of false information about pipeline safety in a legal filing