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PBC News & Comment: NSA Blinks in the Sunshine, More info on PRISM and FISA Court Rulings

NSA damage control challenged by declassified FISA court rulings and new PRISM disclosures from Snowden published by The Guardian….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

Guardian exposes more on PRISM, and how Yahoo, Google etal were paid from secret NSA fund to change procedures to comply with FISA court

–declassified FISA court ruling shows the judges have occaisionally wrestled with NSA over legal and constitutional, and confirm that NSA collects millions of communications each year

–release of more Nixon tapes from the Oval Office shows that excess secrecy has been government policy for a long time

–American photojournalist in Syria was tortured by rebels, who invoked Guantanamo

–court martials:  Hasan found guilty at Ft. Hood, Bales pleads guilty in Afghan shooting spree, gets LWOP

–extreme weather brings floods to Colorado, Phillippines and wild fires to Yosemite, Idaho

–Toledo abortion clinic expected to close due to GOP-led laws that are clearly unconstitutional

–Cincinnati, PBC’s hometown, is #1

–NY Mayor Bloomberg has pipeline into super-secret Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations, slams ObamaCo for caving on tobacco rules; Public Citizen blasts our trade negotiator for false claim that the deal is nearly set

–NY city council overrides Bloomberg vetos of bills to limit stop-and-frisk