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PBC News & Comment: US and Allies Ready Shock & Awe Show for Syria

Despite no proof (and credible doubt) that Syrian military used chemical weapons, US is rallying allies for strikes on Syria very soon….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

Obama held video conference with UK’s Cameron, France’s Hollande, and Germany’s Merkel to plan immediate strikes on Syria, as John Kerry denounces Assad with no proof that his military used chemical weapons.

–multiple fringe sources claim that Syrian rebels used gas or chemicals to force outside intervention, British MP suggests Israel supplied the WMD

–multiple sources report that the videos of the gas/chemical attack were uploaded to YouTube before the reported time of the attack

–Beltway insider Edward Luttwak says there are no good options for US on Syria

Der Spiegel reports that Snowden documents show US spied on UN video conferences and decrypted them in 2012

–FBI uses corporate contractors for spyware that can monitor a target computer and read what’s being typed, just as Snowden has revealed

–caution:¬† surveillance oversight board wants to “update” laws that permit surveillance

–in this excerpt from our in-depth interview, columnist Thomas Frank recounts the scary days of September, 2008 (and it’s not about Sarah Palin)

–new report on “acidization” of oil and gas wells in California, another way to frack it up to the surface

–in NY domestic terror case, appeals court upholds convictions, despite blistering, accurate dissent from one judge

–commander suddenly relieved of duty at Montana air force base, another case of loose nukes?

–freshman Tea Party congressman wants to impeach Obama in the worst way, for the wrong reasons;¬† your humble host offers some of the right reasons.