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PBC News & Comment: Probable US Attack on Syria Looms as Skeptics Are Ignored, Again!

Obama and Kerry offer more assertions with glaring lack of proof, as unilateral assault appears imminent, enabled by spineless media….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

This episode covers many angles of the expected strike on Syria, a fly-by hit designed not to change the nature of the civil war, and that may have many unintended consequences.  There’s much that Obama has said this week that appears untrue, starting with today’s statement that he has not yet made a decision.

–we report on Secretary of State Kerry’s comments today, based on a declassified report that uses circumstantial evidence and innuendo to “prove” that it was the “regime” that used chemical weapons on August 21

–and we report on this dispatch from Syria that cites anti-Assad Syrians who accuse Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia of supplying gas to “rebel” forces, with details that seem credible

–we hear an excerpt from our consultation with unofficial presidential shrink Dr. Justin Frank, who suggests Obama is doing this to try to win over Republicans–among other theories

–we quote from a post by the Public Editor of the NY Times, who politely slams her own paper for lack of skepticism on the claims of ObamaCo, just after quoting from today’s Times report on the “crisis”, which included no reference to opponents or skeptics

–the same fine paper reports from Cairo that a US assault on Syria could re-ignite violence in Egypt

Financial Times reports that Dick Cheney is an “advisor” to the company that just won exclusive rights from Israel to drill for oil in the disputed Golan Heights

–and we close with lengthy quotes from an excellent column today by Jon Carroll of the SF Chronicle