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PBC News & Comment: Obama Blinks, Syria Strike Delayed for Congressional “Approval”

Obama zig-zags, will delay attack on Syria for Congressional “approval”, inferring that he will strike with or without it…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

Your humble host commends Rep. Barbara Lee and co-signers to her letter demanding Congressional review of Obama’s intent to hit Syria.  How many of the signers, especially Dems, will vote against the resolution?

–Boehner, McCain, Graham support a strike, but don’t think it’s enough

–the resolution is very broad, and Notre Dame law prof says there is something illegal in every sentence

–the Israel card is being used to win some votes, but Israel would be one of the first targets of retaliation for a US raid

–the case that it was the Syrian military that used chemical weapons is very weak:  the “evidence” is circumstantial, no real proof who did it

–while the Syria debate built up over the weekend, US drones hit Pakistan for the 18th time this year, no Congressional authority sought

–Snowden’s leak of Black Budget shows 231 US offensive cyberwar operations in 2011, with no Congressional approval

–Black Budget confirms DNA test that bin Laden was killed in Abbotobad, as government denies FOIA requests, saying no such test was conducted

–DEA and AT & T work side by side on drug cases, collecting phone records and tapping calls

–Brazil and Mexico are very angry over disclosures that NSA monitored the leaders of both countries