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PBC News & Comment: Putin & Obama: Smiling Faces (Don’t Tell the Truth)

In St. Petersburg, smiles for cameras don’t hide chilliness; Putin reveals¬† Ed Snowden contacted Russia before he left Hong Kong….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–Sibel Edmonds’ fascinating analysis:¬† US looking to throw Russia a “bone” to go neutral on Syria at UN

–Mark Karlin of Buzzflash reports that Secretary of State Kerry told House hearing yesterday that unnamed Arab governments are willing to pay for the cost of a US attack on Syria and a full war to take down Assad

NY Times reports on “brutal” rebels, as Kerry spars with GOP congressman on the percentage of fighters who are “bad guys”

–polls compiled by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) show very few “yes” votes for a Syria resolution in the House

–among Bay Area Dems in the House, only Leader Pelosi and freshman Eric Swalwell support the attack-Syria resolution; others range from “dubious” to “hell no”

–journalist/historian Dr. Gareth Porter carefully scrutinizes the “evidence” cited by ObamaCo, finds many holes; hear the full interview at

NY Times tries to compete on NSA leaks, reports that NSA can hack almost all encryption, leading spooks to be “gobsmacked”

–Pope recalls Vatican ambassador to Dominican Republic, an archbishop who has been accused to pedophile crimes

–California prisoners end hunger strike, as Gov. Brown goes ballistic over state senate plan to reduce inmate population

–in our first coverage of the Ariel Castro kidnapping case, we call for investigation into his reported suicide