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PBC News & Comment: Putin & Obama: Smiling Faces (Don’t Tell the Truth)

In St. Petersburg, smiles for cameras don't hide chilliness; Putin reveals  Ed Snowden contacted Russia before he left Hong Kong....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

--Sibel Edmonds' fascinating analysis:  US looking to throw Russia a "bone" to go neutral on Syria at UN

--Mark Karlin of Buzzflash reports that Secretary of State Kerry told House hearing yesterday that unnamed Arab governments are willing to pay for the cost of a US attack on Syria and a full war to take down Assad

--NY Times reports on "brutal" rebels, as Kerry spars with GOP congressman on the percentage of fighters who are "bad guys"

--polls compiled by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) show very few "yes" votes for a Syria resolution in the House

--among Bay Area Dems in the House, only Leader Pelosi and freshman Eric Swalwell support the attack-Syria resolution; others range from "dubious" to "hell no"

--journalist/historian Dr. Gareth Porter carefully scrutinizes the "evidence" cited by ObamaCo, finds many holes; hear the full interview at

--NY Times tries to compete on NSA leaks, reports that NSA can hack almost all encryption, leading spooks to be "gobsmacked"

--Pope recalls Vatican ambassador to Dominican Republic, an archbishop who has been accused to pedophile crimes

--California prisoners end hunger strike, as Gov. Brown goes ballistic over state senate plan to reduce inmate population

--in our first coverage of the Ariel Castro kidnapping case, we call for investigation into his reported suicide