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PBC News & Comment: In Sweden, Obama Disowns His “Red Line”

In Stockholm, Obama fails to return Nobel Peace Prize, says that’s not HIS red line on Syria: who’s he kidding? ……..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

Obama goes all-in, worldwide with his flimsy case that Syria’s military used chemical weapons and that the obvious response is for the US to whack Assad with missile strikes

–Senate Foreign Relations committee approves resolution with 90 day time limit and no-BOG (boots on ground) language.  Liberal Dems like Barbara Boxer voted yes, Rand Paul led the opposition and threatens to filibuster when it goes to the floor

–House committee is split

–basic facts like the number of fatalities vary widely from US to UK and France

–Swedish reporter asks Obama first question at news conference, about NSA spying on allied countries

–in Dallas, US Attorney seeks gag order on Barrett Brown, the activist-journalist who was exposing surveillance by government and corporate interests, and has been jailed since last September 12

–Chelsea Manning files formal request for pardon or commutation of his sentence