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PBC News & Comment: Two Years Since Occupy Wall Street

Occupy’s camp in Zucotti Park started 2 years ago this week, starting a conversation about income and wealth inequality, and…….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

We open with the lament that Occupy didn’t present an agenda or manifesto, and so far has not had a major impact on policy.  Grassroots activist Sam Daley-Harris comments on Occupy in an excerpt from our in-depth interview.

–blistering report on FBI by ACLU calls for major reforms

–Brazil’s president cancels state visit to Washington to protest US spying on her and state oil company Petrobras

–dead suspect in Navy Yard mass shooting had “secret” security clearance despite long history of violence and mental illness

–Pakistani source tells Chinese news agancy that 20,000 US and NATO troops will remain after we “withdraw” next year

–as typhoon slams Fukushima, more water with radiation flows into the sea

–the 2-state solution proposed for Israel-Palestine is fading, as Israel demands to keep illegal settlements, and Netanyahu heads for the UN and more “red lines” talk

–Steve Horn exposes deep flaws in industry-friendly study about methane leaks from fracking wells

–Wall Street’s gaming of ethanol credits spikes the cost to refiners

–some counties in N. California and S. Oregon are considering seceding to form the State of Jefferson

–here’s a great profile of singer Linda Ronstadt, whose voice has been silenced by Parkinson’s