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Grassroots Organizer and Activist Sam Daley-Harris Offers Advice and Inspiration for Fighting Hunger, Poverty, Climate Change

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Sam Daley-Harris, a successful grassroots organizer who has taken on hunger, poverty and now climate change, describes his approach to effective action as detailed in the 20th anniversary edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy.Daley-Harris  founded  RESULTS  in 1980 to fight hunger, the Microcredit Summit in 1995, and the Center for Citizen Empowerment in 2012.  He has been a coach to the Citizens Climate Lobby since 2007.  We talk about his model of activism, and some of his successful campaigns.  We discuss the recent emphasis on opposing the Keystone XL pipeline while ObamaCo has fast-tracked the southern leg, approved more offshore drilling and loan guarantees for new nuclear plants.  We talk about the recent broad resistance to an attack on Syria, even as the antiwar movement is at a low ebb due to Obama’s “Leftlon”.  We share some disappointment that Occupy has had little measurable impact and how people who want to end spying and restore the Bill of Rights can organize.  More info on the book is here.