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PBC News & Comment: Big Week for Political Theater in Washington and at UN

With Koch cash, “trainwreck” script from Frank Luntz, Tea Party radicals hold budget, economy hostage in effort to kill ObamaCare…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–Albany, NY Common Council is one vote shy of passing groundbreaking local law to limit use of NDAA detention powers

–more political theater in New York, as UN General Assembly will feature scripted drama about Iran, Palestine, Syria and more

Lots of news from Syria:

–positive reports on Syria’s release of details on its chemical arsenal

–at WhoWhatWhy, reporter Dave Lindorff shows that US has 3 times as many chemical weapons as Syria, and got an extra 10 years to comply with Chemical Weapons Convention

–at BoilingFrogs Post, an important critical review of the unsourced videos that are used by the US to contend that the Assad government was responsible

NY Times profiles the Lebanese nun who challenged the videos, and paints her as a defender of Assad

–Mint Press report regarding August 21 use of chemical weapons is discredited

–Nick Kristof in NY Times urges US military action against Syria, in the context of a dark story about a 7th grade protester.

–today’s news digest from Citizens for Legitimate Government includes 7  important stories that are being downplayed or ignored in US media:  US military plans attacks in Kenya; 3 US troops killed in “insider” attack in Afghanistan, 2 more in a bomb attack; US soldiers fired on school children, 2 US drone strikes kill at least 11; handoff to Afghans is slow, plagued by corruption; total cost of Bush-Obama wars now pegged at $6 trillion

–China now has drones, partly a result of their computer hacking skills

–Angela Merkel wins 3rd term as German leader