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PBC News & Comment: Scrooge Arrives Early as GOP Radicals Cut Food Stamps

In first of Tea Party salvos, GOP-run House cuts food stamps and bans lottery winners from receiving them--RU kidding?.....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

--new ACLU report slams FBI fusion centers and collection of silly "suspicious activity reports"

--the benevolent leader of the NSA, Keith Alexander, sends letter to NSA families that portray the spooks as victims

--protest grows over Petraeus teaching at CUNY, dozens of faculty urge him to resign and protesters to be freed without charges

--rape victim at Naval Academy is grilled for 30 hours by prosecutors, underscoring need for external investigation and prosecution of military sex crimes

--big show in NY next week as UN General Assembly convenes:  Iran has new overtures regarding nukes, but Netanyahu is raging for an attack on Iran

--McCain responds to Putin's op-ed with a column in Pravda that mostly reveals that McCain is a pissy old Cold Warrior

--NY Times notes that JPMorgan admitted major errors, but no executives are held responsible

--EPA publishes new limits on power plant emissions, big fight looms with "Clean Coal" lobby

--pro-nuke Prime Minister Abe of Japan tours Fukushima, and orders Tepco to shut down all 6 reactors

--Caroline Kennedy sails to confirmation as new US ambassador to Japan

--AG Holder keeps his promise to ease the War on Some Drugs, orders US attorneys to refile current cases to avoid mandatory sentences

--pensioners in Detroit appeal to bankruptcy judge not to take away their pensions