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PBC News & Comment: Sen. Cruz wasted 21 hours pandering to Tea Party radicals

Countdown to government shutdown resumes; Cruz stops talking long enough for McCain to attack him--more self-inflicted wounds coming....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

--in UN speeches, Iran's Rouhani is conciliatory;  Obama is strident

--hear an excerpt from Bob Parry's comments on Obama's brinksmanship with Syria

--Syrian "rebels" announce new Islamist alliance, leaving US more isolated

--still no visa for Pakistani lawyer representing families of drone strike

--Djibouti forces US to move drone base, after a string of accidents

--Navy Yard shooting narrative eliminates role of Capitol Police in first response, and paints shooter as unstable guy who "heard voices"

--federal judge panel duels with California Gov. Brown over prison population reduction, extends deadline by a month and embraces ideas from state Senate leader Darrell Steinberg

--in come-from-behind upset, Oracle's team USA beats New Zealand to win America's Cup