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PBC News & Comment: Sen. Cruz wasted 21 hours pandering to Tea Party radicals

Countdown to government shutdown resumes; Cruz stops talking long enough for McCain to attack him–more self-inflicted wounds coming….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–in UN speeches, Iran’s Rouhani is conciliatory;  Obama is strident

–hear an excerpt from Bob Parry’s comments on Obama’s brinksmanship with Syria

–Syrian “rebels” announce new Islamist alliance, leaving US more isolated

–still no visa for Pakistani lawyer representing families of drone strike

–Djibouti forces US to move drone base, after a string of accidents

–Navy Yard shooting narrative eliminates role of Capitol Police in first response, and paints shooter as unstable guy who “heard voices”

–federal judge panel duels with California Gov. Brown over prison population reduction, extends deadline by a month and embraces ideas from state Senate leader Darrell Steinberg

–in come-from-behind upset, Oracle’s team USA beats New Zealand to win America’s Cup