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PBC News & Comment: Sweet Little Lies from Spooks at Senate NSA Hearing

Proven liars Clapper and Alexander mix truthiness with fear as they dodge Senators’ unfriendly questions, hit softballs over the fence…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–Britain detains anti-drone lawyer from Yemen under terrorism law, and Glenn Greenwald provides new NSA documents that show that anyone who is critical of drones and their way of death is suspected

–coverage of Syrian “rebels” realignment spins up the perceived loss to the US

–US backs small arms treaty, but Senate must approve it

–GOP congressman complains that there has been no discipline for those who failed to prevent Benghazi attack, but PBC reminds him of Republicans who were never disciplined for 9/11, Iraq, etc

–Senate funding bill does not include the “Monsanto Protection Act” which is in the House version, so it may die

–James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds have an important new report about the Valerie Plame affair, here

–Brad Friedman of Bradblog posts fiery letter from prison from former Alabama Gov. Don Siegleman, who is rightfully angry about DeLay’s conviction being overturned

–climate change activist Bill McKibben spoke here last night

–here’s an article that recaps the America’s Cup sailing competition