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PBC News & Comment: Breaking!! Seymour Hersh is Alive and Well, and He’s Pissed!

Pulitzer-decorated master muckraker Sy Hersh resurfaces after 5-year silence and he's got Obama's number; NSA staffers spied on spouses, lovers....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits PBC podcast!

--Sibel Edmonds comments on Hersh here, and the story about Hersh is here

--Senate Intel Chair, Di-Fi-Loves-Spies, ready minor reform package that maintains NSA's unconstitutional domestic surveillance

--federal judge in San Jose orders trial for Google on its automated reading of Gmail;  appeals court in San Francisco upholds decision that Google Street View violates the US Wiretap Act

--Jason Leopold updates Guantanamo issues in today's in-depth interview, and in this excerpt talks about his court victory which declassified a Gitmo memo about invasive search policies

--UN Security Council reaches agreement on Syrian chemical weapons, without the threat of force demanded by the US

--at the UN, Iran was the big winner this week; the White House revealed that Rouhani and Obama talked by phone

--GOP budget smackdown could cause shutdown Monday; Obama promises not to submit to blackmail, but his history is weak

--Climate conference reports we are about to cross the critical line of 2 degrees celcius of warming

--Post Office is drowning in red ink caused by Congress, seeks rate hike

--California Gov. Brown signs bills to start regulation of fracking, raise minimum wage to $12 by 2017, and requiring a court order to block cell phone signals, as occurred during Occupy protests