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LegalSchnauzer’s Roger Shuler Gets Payback for Exposing Corrupt Leaders in Alabama

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Veteran fighter for justice and podcast contributor Roger Shuler returns with a surreal report of an illegal injunction, a false traffic stop, and harassment by local deputies.  Hear the full story, and how you can help Shuler at a critical time.Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

Shuler’s LegalSchnauzer blog has featured well-researched and sordid stories of hypocrites in Alabama: the current Attorney General, Luther Strange’s affair with Jessica Garrison (both were married, she’s since divorced); federal appeals judge Bill Pryor’s photo from a gay porn site (Pryor is married with kids, and cancelled a family vacation to Disney World when it coincided with Gay Pride Week); and Rob Riley, a power lawyer and son of former Gov. Bob Riley (who displaced Don Siegelman in the Rove-inspired 2002 election theft and railroading of Siegelman into federal prison) who reportedly had an affair with lobbyist Liberty Duke that resulted in a pregnancy and abortion.  These are Alabama’s defenders of family values.

Recently, Riley won an injunction from a retired Alabama judge who has ordered Shuler to remove all posts about Riley and Duke, and to refrain from writing about them in the future.  Riley has even gotten the judge to order the case sealed.  Sheriff’s deputies made repeated attempts to serve papers on Shuler at his home, then concocted a traffic violation where the deputy gave Shuler a “warning” and then served papers on him.

The proceedings and injunction are clearly unconstitutional, as the judge appears to have found defamation without any evidence or testimony from Shuler;  the injunction was issued less than 24 hours after the improper service of documents; and it uses “prior restraint” in direct violation of Supreme Court precedents.

Shuler is courageously ignoring the injunction, which he has published on the blog with blistering commentary.  He is facing some serious legal challenges, and personal financial problems–all caused by his work as a journalist.  Please learn more at his blog, and make a donation if you can.