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PBC News & Comment: Day 8 of Shutdown, Obama Holding Firm

Opening with The Damned's The 8th Day;  Obama has learned from past GOP shakedowns while eschewing 14th amendment gambit.......Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

--listener John Daggett has some advice for Obama

--HuffPo files FOIA request for legal memos to Obama about 14th amendment power to raise debt limit

--in this excerpt from our in-depth interview, Roger Shuler comments on the legal maneuvers aimed at censoring his journalism, HeeHaw

--BoilingFrogsPost has many interesting reports today, including this list of recent Pentagon contracts and James Corbett's latest installment of his investigation into the Valerie Plame case

--Dayton Daily News reports that Air Force cargo jets C27J Spartans go from assembly line directly to the junkyard....cost $567 million

--reviewing the game tapes from our weekend raids in Libya and Somalia, we've got questions

--Pentagon appoints new Guantanamo envoy, 4 months after Obama's renewal of his intent to close the joint

--Spy Wars latest:  Canada snoops on Brazil!

--ATF agent faces government stone wall, blocking publication of his book on Fast & Furious

--this week marks 12 years of US troops in Afghanistan