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Ray McGovern Reports on His Moscow Meeting with Ed Snowden

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Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and longtime contributor to this program, reports on his visit with NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden in Moscow.Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

McGovern writes regularly for ConsortiumNews, and his own website is here.  He just returned from Moscow with a delegation of former winners of the Sam Adams award, which was presented to Edward Snowden, “in asylum” in Russia.  The group included Coleen Rowley, Tom Drake, and Jessalyn Radack, all have appeared on this podcast.

McGovern reports the group was not hassled at airports, and that they had excellent conversations with Snowden, who is very connected to developments in the US and is closely following efforts to reform the NSA and other rogue intelligence and law enforcement groups.  McGovern relates that Snowden was aware that former top spook Michael Hayden was “joking” with House Intel chair Mike Rogers about putting Snowden on the “list” for a drone strike, and responded with disgust.  And McGovern responds to recent comments by Gen. Alexander, head of the NSA.