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PBC News & Comment: Host Humbled By Malala’s Encounter With Obamas

An apology and shout-out to Malala Yousafzai, whose direct comment to Barack, Michele and Malia about drone strikes earns both…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

–Ray McGovern reports on his Moscow meeting with Ed Snowden last week, read his article about it here

–Gen. Alexander defends the NSA and tries to limit the damage, but he has no credibility

–FBI’s latest domestic terrorism conviction is a full-on frame-up, as mentally ill guy is led to blow up a bank by undercover FBI provocateur

–Steve Horn reports that federal appeals court values the profits of TransCanada over the environmental cost of Keystone XL pipeline

–in government shutdown, both sides make shameless use of veterans

–while most GOP attacks on Obamacare are political, there are real problems with the website and other issues

–the civil war in Iraq that was suppressed by our occupation is now full blown

–PANDA, the group fighting to neutralize the NDAA detention clauses, claims another victory

–after the disgraceful, unChristian Prop 8 campaign to deny marriage equality, some of the same people want to repeal a new law to protect transgender students

–a man in an Ohio courtroom is informed that he is officially dead, and likely to remain that way