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PBC News & Comment: Host Humbled By Malala’s Encounter With Obamas

An apology and shout-out to Malala Yousafzai, whose direct comment to Barack, Michele and Malia about drone strikes earns both.....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

--Ray McGovern reports on his Moscow meeting with Ed Snowden last week, read his article about it here

--Gen. Alexander defends the NSA and tries to limit the damage, but he has no credibility

--FBI's latest domestic terrorism conviction is a full-on frame-up, as mentally ill guy is led to blow up a bank by undercover FBI provocateur

--Steve Horn reports that federal appeals court values the profits of TransCanada over the environmental cost of Keystone XL pipeline

--in government shutdown, both sides make shameless use of veterans

--while most GOP attacks on Obamacare are political, there are real problems with the website and other issues

--the civil war in Iraq that was suppressed by our occupation is now full blown

--PANDA, the group fighting to neutralize the NDAA detention clauses, claims another victory

--after the disgraceful, unChristian Prop 8 campaign to deny marriage equality, some of the same people want to repeal a new law to protect transgender students

--a man in an Ohio courtroom is informed that he is officially dead, and likely to remain that way