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PBC News & Comment: While I Was Away….

Catching up after a week away: GOP lost shutdown, except for Mitch McConnell’s $3 billion Kentucky pork;  Fukushima crisis builds…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

–Glenn Greenwald’s plans leaked: he’s leaving Guardian to start new online media site with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

–NSA top spy Alexander will step down next year, way overdue

–ObamaCare online exchanges have glitches, wouldn’t have happened with Medicare for all

–Fukushima crisis management should be internationalized

–Jeh Johnson, former Pentagon counsel, named to run Homeland Security, a mixed bag

–in my last podcast before the break, we detailed another “domestic terrorist” conviction; here’s a new one, with the same old story of paid FBI provacateur

–French are livid over massive NSA spying reported by Greenwald based on Snowden documents, Obama admits to overstepping

–Jason Leopold FOIA’s Clapper memo that NSA review panel will operate in secret to bring us “transparency”, read it here

–Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase agrees to stunning $13 billion in penalties, but nobody goes to jail–he’s “damn proud”

–Gov. Christie stops appeals, marriage equality is in effect in New Jersey

–in Bay Area, BART strike is settled after 2 workers killed by scab train operator

–TSA is now profiling airline passengers even before they get to the airport