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PBC News & Comment: While I Was Away….

Catching up after a week away: GOP lost shutdown, except for Mitch McConnell's $3 billion Kentucky pork;  Fukushima crisis builds.....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

--Glenn Greenwald's plans leaked: he's leaving Guardian to start new online media site with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

--NSA top spy Alexander will step down next year, way overdue

--ObamaCare online exchanges have glitches, wouldn't have happened with Medicare for all

--Fukushima crisis management should be internationalized

--Jeh Johnson, former Pentagon counsel, named to run Homeland Security, a mixed bag

--in my last podcast before the break, we detailed another "domestic terrorist" conviction; here's a new one, with the same old story of paid FBI provacateur

--French are livid over massive NSA spying reported by Greenwald based on Snowden documents, Obama admits to overstepping

--Jason Leopold FOIA's Clapper memo that NSA review panel will operate in secret to bring us "transparency", read it here

--Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase agrees to stunning $13 billion in penalties, but nobody goes to jail--he's "damn proud"

--Gov. Christie stops appeals, marriage equality is in effect in New Jersey

--in Bay Area, BART strike is settled after 2 workers killed by scab train operator

--TSA is now profiling airline passengers even before they get to the airport