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PBC News & Comment: $10 Billion Was Spent on Elections in 2012!

Dollarocracy authors John Nichols and Robert W. McChesny talk about corruption from money in campaigns, and tally the $10 billion for 2012…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

We open with a clip from our in-depth interview, as Nichols explains the import of $10 billion in campaign spennding, mostly on negative ads

–Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch detail cases of civilian drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, probable war crimes

–judge at Guantanamo trial of KSM hears arguments that torture of the suspects should cause dismissal of death penalty charges

–FBI says before an agent killed Todashev in Orlando that he implicated the older Tsarnaev brother in 2001 triple murder in Waltham, while offering no actual evidence to support claims attributed to a dead man

–Rep. Alan Grayson says Tea Party is no more poular than the Klan–do you think his statement is accurate, appropriate?

–Mexico has low-key response to NSA spying on its presidente, says Obama has promised investigation and that he did not authorize it

–“mega memory” and diet scam promoter Kevin Trudeau ordered jailed until he remembers where more of his money is stashed