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PBC News & Comment: More Info On Shuler’s Arrest, New 7.3 Quake Near Fukushima

More details on arrest and jailing of journalist Roger Shuler in Alabama, first news of major new earthquake near Fukushima….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

Be sure to listen to our conversation with Andrew Krieg in the in-depth interview podcast released today without subscriber restrictions.  You can read Kreig’s report and see Shuler’s booking photo here.

–at deadline, we learn of new major quake and possible tsunami near Fukushima, Japan

–US reels from blistering attacks from allies we spied on:  time to clean house and come clean

–official leaks aimed at undermining Pakistan Prime Minister’s demand that we end drone strikes ignore the real record, in this important analysis by Gareth Porter

–US appeals court says 5-year delay in trial of terrorism suspect (convicted on only one of 280 charges!) does not violate Constitution’s guarantee of  “speedy trial”

–ObamaCo reels from glitches on Obamacare website

–in bankruptcy court, the question is: “just how insolvent is Detroit?”

–FDA tightens refill rules on OxyContin and Vicodin, which will hurt the people who really need pain relief

–watchdog exposes rich cats who dumped $15 million in laundered money into California last year