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PBC News & Comment: Lou Reed is “So Free”, Roger Shuler’s Day 6 in Jail in Alabama

Lou Reed died Sunday,  his “I’m So Free” opens the podcast on Day 6 of Roger Shuler’s illegal detention in Alabama….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

Shuler update:  a prominent Alabama attorney is attempting to visit Roger Shuler in jail today, and there is still no hearing set on the contempt charges that are holding him without bail.  A number of PBC listeners have donated to the Shulers (many thanks!) to avoid cutoff of electrical service today.  We share an email from “Old Codger”.

–Spain’s citizens are the latest to learn that millions of their phone calls have been intercepted by NSA

–we learn that German Chancellor Merkel’s phone has been tapped since 2002, though she became Chancellor in 2005

–Merkel and French President Hollande demand meeting with US to discuss surveillance

–Sen. Feinstein’s damage-control bill is competing with Sen. Leahy’s “stop phone record collection” bill;  in the House, Sensenbrenner wants to amend his Patriot Act to end data collection

–US prosecutors acknowledge they will use wiretap evidence in case of alleged Uzbeck terrorist supporter–because Solicitor General Verrilli assured the Supreme Court they would

–Syria complies early, delivers inventory of chemical weapons

–H.P. Albarelli, Jr, our leading expert on chemical and bio weapons, gives us the fascinating history of Sarin

–James Comey officially sworn in as FBI director

–listener Hilary in SoCal sends story of nuclear whistleblower who was just fired for telling the truth about Hanford, WA radioactive waste

–Lou Reed takes his final Walk on the Wild Side