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PBC News & Comment: Lou Reed is “So Free”, Roger Shuler’s Day 6 in Jail in Alabama

Lou Reed died Sunday,  his "I'm So Free" opens the podcast on Day 6 of Roger Shuler's illegal detention in Alabama....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

Shuler update:  a prominent Alabama attorney is attempting to visit Roger Shuler in jail today, and there is still no hearing set on the contempt charges that are holding him without bail.  A number of PBC listeners have donated to the Shulers (many thanks!) to avoid cutoff of electrical service today.  We share an email from "Old Codger".

--Spain's citizens are the latest to learn that millions of their phone calls have been intercepted by NSA

--we learn that German Chancellor Merkel's phone has been tapped since 2002, though she became Chancellor in 2005

--Merkel and French President Hollande demand meeting with US to discuss surveillance

--Sen. Feinstein's damage-control bill is competing with Sen. Leahy's "stop phone record collection" bill;  in the House, Sensenbrenner wants to amend his Patriot Act to end data collection

--US prosecutors acknowledge they will use wiretap evidence in case of alleged Uzbeck terrorist supporter--because Solicitor General Verrilli assured the Supreme Court they would

--Syria complies early, delivers inventory of chemical weapons

--H.P. Albarelli, Jr, our leading expert on chemical and bio weapons, gives us the fascinating history of Sarin

--James Comey officially sworn in as FBI director

--listener Hilary in SoCal sends story of nuclear whistleblower who was just fired for telling the truth about Hanford, WA radioactive waste

--Lou Reed takes his final Walk on the Wild Side