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PBC News & Comment: Update on Roger Shuler’s Unlawful Detention from Attorney David Gespass

Update on journalist Roger Shuler’s unlawful imprisonment from attorney David Gespass, who notes many bizarre aspects of the Alabama proceedings…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

We bring you an excerpt from our interview with David Gespass, and comment on a report on Shuler’s detention by al Jazeera, and blog posts by “Ken White” at Popehat and Aaron Walker.  Both have knives out for Shuler, but agree that this whole affair is unconstitutional.

–the Lyin’ Spyin’ duo, Clapper and Alexander, defend the NSA at House hearing

–Obama White House uses Nixon’s “limited hangout” route for damage control, hints that allied leaders will no longer be wiretapped

–Sen. Feinstein objects to tapping leaders, but wants to salvage the programs aimed at Americans

NY Times editorial slams White House, but accepts the notion that Obama didn’t know about spying on allied leaders

–British government threatens Guardian over its reporting on Snowden leaks

–Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) holds important hearing on US drones, with testimony from survivors of innocent victims in Pakistan

–we mention Robert Greenwald‘s film, Unmanned

–US disrupts Afghan attempt to talk with Pakistani Taliban

–federal judge puts parts of Texas anti-abortion laws on hold

–California signs climate change pact with Oregon, Washington and British Columbia