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PBC News & Comment: Did Obama NOT Know About Web Glitches, and that NSA Spied on Leaders?

HHS Secretary Sebelius apologizes for website “debacle”, shielding Obama as he dodges questions about his knowledge of NSA snooping-on-allies…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

As Sebelius tries to insulate her president from flack over Obamacare rollout, he’s been pounded by NSA critics over how much he knew about the tapping of private phones of world leaders.  Feinstein says she didn’t know, but is now wedged in between NSA and White House.

Roger Shuler remains unlawfully held in the Shelby county jail in Alabama, on charges of contempt of court related to his reporting on the LegalSchnauzer blog.  PBC was denied his request for a phone interview, as we hear in a voice mail.

Please write to Roger Shuler to show your support, or maybe enterain him:

Roger Shuler

c/o  Shelby County Jail

380 McDow Road

Columbiana, AL  35051

–Rep. Alan Grayson’s hearing brings moving testimony from survivors of a drone attack in Pakistan

–Senate confirms one of Obama’s worst nominations, industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler to chair the FCC

–Egypt’s military dictator has rehabilitated a crony, Gen. Tohany from the Mubarak team, who leads crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

–group of Egyptian judges resigns in trials of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, protesting ban on defendants being present in the court

–new confirmation that US conducted test flights of a Soviet MIG-21 fighter in 1968

Yesterday, I performed in a staged radio drama at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Marin County Civic Center.  The play recounts the big controversy when Frank Lloyd Wright was selected to design the complex, which is still revered and reviled today.  Vera, Mary and Mr. Wright was written by the often-brilliant Richard Rapaport and you can vatch the video here.