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PBC News & Comment: Gov. Don Siegelman Speaks Up for “Courageous Journalist” Roger Shuler

In message from federal prison, former Gov. Don Siegelman voices strong support for jailed journalist Roger Shuler, who phoned PBC today….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

Just before our deadline, we learned of Andrew Kreig’s posting of the Siegelman letter, and share key portions.  And PBC got his first phone call from Roger.

Then we move into the Apology Zone:

–as President Obama struggles to say “I’m sorry” for his “you can keep it” fib on health insurance, and for the website glitches galore

–as Lara Logan of CBS 60 Minutes admits she got snookered by Dylan Davies and apologizes for her recent Benghazi story

–and Judge Scheindlin deserves an apology (and more) from the Appeals Court that pulled her off the stop-n-frisk case and put her decision on hold.

–you’ll hear an excerpt from our in-depth interview with attorney Jon Eisenberg about force feeding of hunger strikers at Guantanamo

–a deal with Iran to freeze nuclear development and lift sanctions seems to be shaping up, as diplomats parachute into Geneva

–British spy chiefs, who were mostly unknown to the public, make rare public appearance in Parliament to whine about Ed Snowden’s leaks

Guardian reporter shames her US corporate media competitors with sharp comparison of NSA “reforms” proposed by Feinstein and those by Leahy/Sensenbrenner

–CIA drone strike killed Taliban leader Mehsud on Nov. 1, amid reports that he was ready for peace talks; new leader Fazlullah says “no talks”