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PBC News & Comment: The Monster That is Our “Justice” System

We open with 3 cases of wrongful incarceration: Roger Shuler in Alabama, Michael Morton in Texas, Kash Register in California…..Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

As reporter Shuler completes 3 weeks in jail, Texas gives a 10-day jail term to a former DA and judge who convicted Morton for a crime he didn’t commit but served 25 years for, and Kash D. Register was just released from prison in California after 34 years for a murder he did not commit.  Morton and Register both had prosecutors who withheld evidence of their innocence.  The new report on Shuler published today at WhoWhatWhy is here

–in Geneva, major progress in talks with Iran, but no deal yet

–extreme typhoon hammers Phillippines, killing thousands

–Bill Clinton breaks protocol, says Obama should fix and delay Obamacare–is this to help Hillary get distance from health reform?

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes on Obama over the big banks getting bigger–and is tagged as presidential candidate for 2016

–Occupy Wall Street leveraged $500,000 to relieve individuals of debts of more than $14 million

–Britain’s NSA, GCHQ, has used NSA hacking techniques to crack LinkedIn and other sites

NY Times Public Editor exposes her paper’s manipulation by BushCo that delayed publication of NSA spying stories for 13 months in 2004

–lots of empty posturing on Veteran’s Day, as VA backlog is reduced but still affects 400,000 soldiers with average delay of more than 6 months just to get coverage approval