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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judges Mete Out Sentences for Hacker, Leaker, and Mobster

Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond draws 10 years, makes strong statement; FBI leaker gets 3+ years; Whitey Bulger gets 2 life sentences….New annual subscribers get bonus book by Bill Ayers!

–hacktivist Jeremy Hammond made a powerful statement to the court at his sentencing, challenging the government to admit its crimes, too

–FBI agent is sentenced for leaking to AP, which was discovered by phone records extracted by FBI

–mob boss Whitey Bulger draws stiff sentence, as the court ignored Bulger’s role as an FBI informant and blunders by his FBI handler

–Evan Vokes, whistleblower who worked for TransCanada, talks about the impact of a tar sands spill from Keystone XL pipeline

–NSA boss may be lying again, but says Snowden grabbed between 50,000 and 200,000 documents….he should know, right?

–Sen. Feinstein’s NSA “reforms” draw more criticism

–GOP-controlled House passes Obamacare fix with poison pill, could scuttle the economic projections

–US reports progress on Iran talks, still faces Israeli opposition

–Janet Yellen sails through confirmation hearing, as Senators fail to ask any tough questions about the Federal Reserve Bank

–Soros ponies up $2.5 million “dark money” to fund Democratic data warfare, as report shows Koch Bros. spent $122 million last year

–Randi Rhodes’ syndicated radio show is un-cancelled by network