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PBC News & Comment: Obama is Sorry for Fumbled Obamacare Launch, Proposes Tweaks

In news conference, Obama takes responsibility for “fumbles”, proposes to delay cancellation of substandard policies,  Dems start to jump ship….New annual subscribers to PBC Podcast get bonus book by Bill Ayers!

–your humble host had no problems with website of California health insurance exchange, but the rates for good coverage are very high

–Boehner misleads “dreamer” teen from California, then bluntly tells media that the House will not vote on immigration this year

Spooks on the Hill:

–new FBI head James Comey says cyber attacks are bigger threat than terrorism, but wants to maintain police state machine and surveillance

–Jeh Johnson, nominated to run Dept. of Homeland Security, draws protests as he sails to confirmation

–Johnson’s predecessor, Janet Napolitano, is new president of University of California system, has made some smart first moves

–federal court orders DHS to disclose documents on “internet kill switch”

–from NRA to ACLU, a wide range of groups join lawsuits against phone record collection and other surveillance

–the California homophobes who brought us Prop 8 are back with a measure that overturns new law regarding transgender students and bathrooms

–Hawaii becomes 15 state to enact marriage equality

–Randi Rhodes’ syndicated radio show is cancelled as of 12/31

–listener email about Sen. Warren from Andy Dral