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PBC News & Comment: 50 Years Later, JFK Assassination Coverup Holds

Your humble host did his first radio show on the Kennedy assassination in 1972; 41 years later, truth remains elusive as the coverup holds….Most Americans believe there was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy.  But 50 years after the events, and after 2 government investigations and countless books, films and reports, we don’t know the truth.  Since 1972, I’ve interviewed all of the major investigators and a few crackpots:  Mark Lane, Vincent Bugliosi, Melvin Belli, Gerald Posner, members of the Warren Commission.  While many mainstream pundits continue to deride “conspiracy theorists”, it’s clear there was a conspiracy–we just don’t know which theory or theories is accurate.

Perhaps the most successful coverup in my lifetime, the many threads of theories about who killed the Kennedys (Mick Jagger sang “after all, it was you and me”) all support the belief that the Oswald-lone-wolf-single-bullet theory cannot possibly be correct or complete.  These threads point at the CIA, Castro and the Mob, the FBI, the Pentagon, and segregationists.  But the level of confusion and misdirection remains 50 years later, while the single-bullet theory remains the consensus for mainstream media and political leaders.

I never embraced the myth of Camelot, and the philandering of the Kennedy brothers with mob mistresses is just one example of the contradictions between public image and private action.  The Cold War Kennedy agenda, which included attempts to kill Castro (with mob help), the Bay of Pigs, strategy in Vietnam–all produced enemies with a motive to kill JFK.

Citing the new book by H.P. Albarelli, Jr., A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination, we quote new information about Lee Oswald that raises important questions about his relationship with the CIA after he defected to Russia and then returned to the US.

With some regret, I have to say that, even though we deserve clear answers after 50 years, we don’t have them.