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PBC News & Comment: Multiple Outrages from Our “Justice” System

Legal outrages abound, from Shuler case in Alabama to the secret FISA court to Gitmo, where 60 Minutes fails us again….New annual subscribers get Bill Ayers bonus book and Kona coffee!

On November 14, journalist Roger Shuler was brought to court in shackles, to face more outrageous action from the bench.  With no trial of any kind, hand-picked Judge Neilson summarily declared that Shuler had libeled Rob Riley and Liberty Duke, and made permanent the injunction which clearly violates the First Amendment.  You can read the court document and more, and donate to the Shulers, here.

–anonymous US government leaker declares that there is no secret indictment against Julian Assange over WikiLeaks

–CBS sent Lesley Stahl to Guantanamo for a “hard-hitting” 60 Minutes story focused on the Gitmo warden, Col. John Bogdan.  Stahl exposes her ignorance, as prisoner Shaker Aamer yells out from his cell;  the report comes up short in other respects, as we note

–Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of FISA Court decision on mass phone records collection

–ObamaCo declassifies FISA court rulings, which show longtime pattern of NSA deception of its overseers

–US reaches deal with Afghanistan, Obama will apologize for night raids

–Israel is blocking a deal with Iran

–Dick and Lynne Cheney side with daughter Liz against married lesbian daughter Mary

–US media is obsessed with the Rob Ford sideshow in Toronto