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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Senate Dems Blow Up the Filibuster

The Stranglers open today’s podcast with Nuclear Device, as Senate Democrats finally blow up filibuster, restore majority rule.  About time!….Note:  this podcast was initially posted without its audio file.  It’s fixed now, you made need to “refresh” to find it.

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Subscribers get first crack at our latest NSA whistleblower interview, and in this excerpt, we hear Russell Tice and Bill Binney make the case for dismantling the FISA court.

–new report says Air Force ICBM teams are in bad shape:  low morale, sexual assault, commanders being removed

–Senators continue to debate amendments to Pentagon budget bill reforming the handling of sex assault cases in military

NY Times reveals secret GOP strategy memo to kill Obamacare, with lots of ammo supplied by ObamaCo

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog reports on new study of corporate attacks on nonprofits, activists and bloggers, which includes the plan pitched to the US Chamber of Commerce in 2011 that targeted Brad and others

–Republican-appointed Detroit emergency manager has sharply exaggerated the debt of the city, according to new report

–just 90 companies worldwide–including Big Oil and some state oil companies–create 2/3 of the carbon emissions that drive climate change

–the last 3 of Alabama’s Scottsboro 9 were declared innocent, 82 years after being falsely accused of murder

SF Chronicle uncovers secret Google project to develop a Jetsons-style flying car