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PBC News & Comment: The South’s Doin’ It Again!

As journalist Shuler remains unlawfully jailed, Alabama is ranked #1 for judges who override juries to order executions: “hangin’ judges”…..Faith Peeples just doubled her monthly support for the PBC podcast…you can sign up here

Since 2000, Alabama judges have overruled their juries in murder cases, switching from Life Without Parole to death sentence 26 times.  Source:  US Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

–Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of Texas law that has forced 12 abortion clinics to close

–Oakland is building $10 million dollar spy center with federal funds, and we hear a clip from our new interview with Beau Hodai about the OpenMIND program that scours the web for our information

–Western Growers Assn, a California trade group that’s active in conservative politics, is an outspoke opponent of Obamacare….and a subsidiary has a $50 million contract to roll out Obamacare here

–Senate is divided over bills addressing sex crimes in the military–the better bill is Sen. Gillibrand’s, she has 50 votes so far

–Steve Horn exposes the well-funded American Natural Gas Alliance and its PR and media spending in his new article

–Iran talks resume in Geneva, Obama persuades Senators to hold off on new sanctions, and we hear Gareth Porter explain how Israel stalled the talks 2 weeks ago

–more from Ed Snowden’s leaks:  Britain relaxed rules on NSA collection of Brits

–at Box 100, Mill Valley, CA  94942, we get some strange mail.  Today, a returned-mail spoof with David Duke’s newsletter