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PBC News & Comment: Waves of JFK Nostalgia Drift Over the Homeland

50 years after JFK assassination, we get tons of coverage with ounces of news and no evidence of lessons learned……We recognize 4 guys named Bob who all subscribe to the PBC Podcast: Bob Mair, Bob Paine, Bob Byrd and Bob Reynolds.  Please join the Bobs in subscribing to support this independent media outlet! And thanks, Bob!

–ACLU argues its case against NSA phone records collection in federal court in New York: “This kind of dragnet surveillance is precisely what the fourth amendment was meant to prohibit”

–new disclosure from Justice Dept. that wiretap evidence was used in conviction of Portland, OR man

–Blackwater founder Erik Prince speaks out against NSA spying in US

–Secretary of State Kerry has returned to Geneva, signaling that Iran talks may be nearing a deal

–Karzai agrees to deal with Kerry to keep some US troops in Afghanistan, then says he will leave it to his unknown successor

–Steve Horn reports on Flanagan South, the pipeline route that appears to be Plan B if Keystone XL north is not approved, and another federal judge who favors profits over the environment

–media photographers assigned to the White House are protesting their exclusion from key meetings in favor of White House photographers and the resulting control of images

–after 2 strikes and bitter contract negotiations that have been approved by union members, BART board uses bad faith maneuver to nullify one clause that it claims was included due to “clerical error”